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Just 16 tweets that sum up the magic of a big bag of cans

It’s that time of the year.

AH, IS THERE anything more beautiful and evocative than the phrase “big bag of cans”?

It instantly conjures up memories of baking in the sun and drinking cheap lager that tastes like a penny that laid undiscovered in the back of a pair of jeans. Fine, fine memories.

With Ireland currently in the midst of a heatwave (read: sustained sunshine with no rain), what better time to honour the Bag Of Cans™? 

Because nothing says “It’s summer and the Leaving Cert is coming up” like a big bag of cans.

It’s in the dictionary.

Tweet by @Hannah 🌚 Source: Hannah 🌚/Twitter

It’s the highlight of every sunny day.

bigba Source: Twitter


Tweet by @Bryan 🤘🏻💀🖕🏻 Source: Bryan 🤘🏻💀🖕🏻/Twitter

Of course, sunshine isn’t a prerequisite for a big bang of cans…

Tweet by @han 🔮 Source: han 🔮/Twitter

But it helps if you’re looking for a “pleasant experience”

Bag Of Cans are so beloved that they’ve now reached meme status.

Just look at this selection of tweets from Humans of the Sesh:


A thing of beauty.

The phrase just trips off the tongue. Look at how easily it slides into Galway Girl…

*David Attenborough voice*

This perfect response to today’s Belfast Telegraph story:

DAvn0qiXsAAh6XZ Source: Belfast Telegraph

tfw you love cans, but you’re not a litterbug


When you feel like you’re a bag of nerves, just pretend you’re a bag of cans instead

Big Huge F**king Bag Of Cans With The Lads: the most magical eight words in the English language

Now. Who’s heading to the shops?

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