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We need to talk about those grim 'bin the poo' ads in Dublin

Make it stop.

IF THERE’S ONE thing we can all agree on, it’s that there’s nothing more gross than walking along a footpath and stumbling across dog poo.

In recent years, local authorities have stepped up their battle against dog excrement, encouraging dog owners to pick up and dispose of their dog’s mess. This is to be welcomed.

What’s not to be welcomed, however, is this frankly horrifying sign that has been haunting Dubliners for the last number of years.

Yes, that is a picture of a child with shite for eyes warning of the dangers of dog excrement.

Toxocara from dog dirt can blind children

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Bin the poo 🚮 #binthepoo

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I mean, fine. Nobody wants children blinding themselves with dog poo. This is something we can all agree on.

But is this really necessary? Do we have to make eye contact with this faeces-eyed ghoul every day to get the message across?

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“…the bald, sickly ghost of Waldo…”

Again, we get the importance of parlaying this message to the masses, but just look at how minus craic the ad is when compared to similar ads in the UK.

UK: “Here’s a funny ad about the Dog Poo Fairy.”

Ireland: “Look into my shite-filled eyes so I can guilt you into doing the right thing.”

Plus is it just us or is there something very Salad Fingers about it?

41803_salad_fingers Source: Know Your Meme

Dublin, we support you in the battle against dog poo, but please find someone new to front your campaign.

Because this is just distressing.

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