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8 things you didn't know about Marvel's Irish supervillain

His weapon of choice? A shillelagh, naturally.

COURTESY OF REDDIT Ireland we’re reminded of one of the most prominent Irish characters in the Marvel comic series… Black Tom Cassidy.

Born in Dublin, educated at Oxford this ladies man is quite the troublemaker, with an international criminal record and “terrorist, mercenary” on his CV.

Let’s find out a bit more about this Irish lothario…

1. He was heir to his family’s estate of Cassidy Keep, on the Mayo coast, but he lost his inheritance to his cousin Seán in a dice game

2. His early weapon of choice was a shillelagh

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3. He turned to a life of crime (under the name Black Tom) after losing the love of his life Maeve, also to his cousin Seán (who went on to join the X-Men as Banshee)

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4. When Seán’s wife Maeve was killed in a terrorist bombing in Armagh, Tom secretly saved his daughter Theresa (Seán hadn’t known his wife was pregnant) and raised her as his own

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5. Black Tom formed a criminal partnership with Cain Marko and one of their first tasks was to destroy the X-Men

6. They ambushed the X-Men at Cassidy Keep in Mayo, but were defeated with the help of leprechauns

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7. He survived several near-death experiences, including a genetic virus which turned parts of his body into a wood-like substance

8. He uses phrases like “if’n ye”

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