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# smugglers
Revenue seize 864,000 illegal cigarettes in Dublin Port search
The cigarettes were onboard a ship that arrived from the Dutch port of Rotterdam.
# the avenger
Scarlett Johansson sues Disney over Black Widow release
The actress’s potential earnings were tied to the box office performance of the film, which was released simultaneously in cinemas and on Disney+.
# pandemic
Disney delays multiple Marvel blockbusters but still hopes for summer launch of Mulan
One untitled Marvel film previously set for summer 2022 has been removed from the schedule entirely.
# Spoiler Alert
People have been tearing their hair out over spoilers in recent weeks... but why?
How has the fear of spoilers changed the way productions are made and how we view them?
# avengers
Avengers: Endgame smashes Irish records with €4.46 million opening weekend
The film has become the biggest opening weekend box office hit in 44 countries.
# james gunn
Guardians of the Galaxy director rehired after being fired last year over old tweets that joked about rape
The director earlier apologised for the tweets.
# Marvel
Legendary comic books writer Stan Lee dies aged 95
Lee had cameos in all of the Marvel movies.
# movie power
Black Panther passed the $1 billion earnings mark this week
The film remains at the top of the box office in the US and Ireland.
# black panther
Here's why Black Panther's massive success could change the face of Hollywood
Representation matters.
# Marvelous
Luke Cage: 5 powerful references it makes to problems in society
Serious spoiler alert – up until (and including) episode eight.
# marvel at this
There's a brilliant Father Ted reference in the latest Spiderman comic
# Storm
Beyoncé just won Halloween, again
Praise Beysus.
# Unreal
This Marvel actress wasn't happy that a magazine Photoshopped her so badly
You’d probably notice when it’s you in the picture.
# avenged
Explainer: What exactly is going on with Joss Whedon?
The Avengers director quit Twitter on Monday.
# i am iron man
Robert Downey Jr surprised a young fan with his very own 'Iron Man arm'
Alex was born with a partially-developed right arm – but now he’s a superhero, too.
# red skull
This guy cut off his nose so he could look like a comic book villain
WARNING: Not safe for LIFE. Or for anyone who has recently eaten breakfast.
Opinion: Superheroes have jumped from comic books to the silver screen – but for how long?
Superheroes have flooded the movie scene with action-packed, block-busting hits.
# ant-man
The new teaser trailer for Ant-Man is too clever for its own good
The lovely Paul Rudd plays the titular superhero.
# not just for boys
This little girl's angry face made Tesco take down 'boys' toys' signs in stores
Maggie is seven and she doesn’t think superheroes are just for boys. So there.
# Marvel
Marvel announced nine new superhero movies and everyone needs a lie down
Welcome to the next five years of your life.
# dammit hyrda
Marvel forced to release new Avengers trailer early after late-night leak
We we we, so excited.
# spidey senses
Irish artist to draw new Spider-Man graphic novel
Will Sliney, who lives in Cork, described the role as an ‘absolute dream gig’.
# freemium
Now Google faces a lawsuit by US parents over in-app purchases
The lawsuit was filed by a mother whose five-year old son spent more than $65 on in-app purchases without his parents’ permission
# go on go on
Dermot Morgan's son backs bid for Father Ted to feature in Captain America movie
You can vote for Ted and co to appear in the superhero sequel.
# drink feck arse avenger
Father Ted or Mrs Brown's Boys could be in the new Captain America movie
You can vote for your favourite show to be in the new Marvel film.
# the amazing fatherman
Father sells original Spiderman comic to pay for daughter's wedding
Now that’s love.
# black tom cassidy
8 things you didn't know about Marvel's Irish supervillain
His weapon of choice? A shillelagh, naturally.
# comic book
VIDEO: The newest NBA mascot is a Marvel superhero
Introducing… the Brooklyn Knight.
# Breast Cancer
Comic super heroes go pink to fight cancer
A number of Marvel comics – including Captain America and Wolverine – will have a pink cover this October to help raise breast cancer awareness.
# Movies
The Avengers smashes US box office record
Superhero escapism is still big.
# Marvel Comics
Judge rules that Spider-man and co. belong to Marvel Comics
The heirs of artist Jack Kirby had attempted to terminate Marvel’s copyrights over several characters, including Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk.