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A man is suing Blue Moon for pretending to be a craft beer
He states that Blue Moon portrays itself as being a craft beer, despite being owned by MillerCoors.

OVER THE PAST few years, craft beer has become the beverage of choice for many a seasoned drinker.

And as the movement has grown, many larger drinks manufacturers have sought to hop on the craft beer bandwagon.

One such company is MillerCoors, who manufactures Blue Moon.

Blue Moon has previously come under fire for looking misleadingly like a craft beer and not clearly stating that it is in fact made by MillerCoors.

Now, a craft beer aficionado has finally had enough and filed a class action suit against the beer brand.

Evan Parent has filed a class action suit on behalf of “all consumers who purchased Blue Moon beer from a retailer within the state of California” and contends that Blue Moon is engaging in false advertising.

11041083_10153835813409097_2790606240365266417_n Blue Moon / Facebook Blue Moon / Facebook / Facebook

In the lawsuit, Parent claims he frequently bought Blue Moon and believed it was a craft beer, thanks to its marketing and placement within supermarkets, until his friends informed him otherwise.

He points out that the Blue Moon website makes no mention of the fact it is associated with MillerCoors and tries to portray itself as a craft beer by using the phrase “artfully crafted” in its marketing.

MillerCoors has not yet commented on the lawsuit, but it’s not the first case of its kind.

Eater reports that, back in January, a judge ruled that anyone who believed the Japanese beer Kirin Ichiban was manufactured in Japan was entitled to a refund as the beer is owned by Anheuser Busch and is not brewed in Japan.

Lesson? Be vigilant, craft beer fans.

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