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Bluff your way through every Oscars Best Picture nominee with this handy guide

Our snappy guide to this year’s Best Picture nominees.

THE OSCARS HAVE arrived, but you’ve been seriously poor at watching movies this year. Never fear.

We’re on hand to help, don’t be Joey in the encyclopaedia episode with that one movie you’ve seen is being your V volume. Take a look over these dos and don’ts and you can chime in during an Oscar party with minimal fear.



In five words Mean drumming instructor is intense.

Say The crash scene was uncalled for.

Don’t say It could have done with more drumming.



In five words Former superhero stages a play.

Say Edward Norton was the best thing about it.

Don’t say What about all those choppy camera shots, eh?

American Sniper


In five words Chris Kyle, the deadliest sniper.

Say How FAKE was that baby?

Don’t say Imagine that all actually happened?

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel

In five words Inherits hotel, accused of murder.

Say There wasn’t nearly enough Bill Murray.

Don’t say I never knew Budapest was so pretty!

The Imitation Game


In five words Alan Turning cracks the code.

Say It was heartbreaking that they couldn’t warn the boat.

Don’t sayWell at least they got a happy ending.



In five words Civil rights march in Alabama

Say David Oyelowo was robbed of that Oscar nod.

Don’t say Selma was a great woman all the same, wasn’t she?

The Theory of Everything


In five words Steven and Jane Hawking’s story.

Say The scene with the spelling board was just heartbreaking.

Don’t say They didn’t really theorise everything though, did they?



In five words Eleven years in the making

Say It kind of broke all boundaries of film-making.

Don’t say Could they not have shot it a bit quicker, no?

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