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17 things everyone who went to an Irish boarding school will understand

Tuck shop life.

1. Even to this day, you have no problem sleeping in a room with loads of people in it

LoyolaMD_Dorm Source: Wikimedia

Hostels now feel strangely like home. You can sleep anywhere.

2. The knowledge that the dorms – the bed where you slept – was a hotbed of genius pranks

dorm-room-door-uni-cups-tower-taped-prank Source: Prankked

The fear never leaves you.

3. The tuck shop was the holy grail of all existence

tuckshop Source: Twitter

And its opening hours were a source of much discussion.

4. But toast was the less glamorous staple of the dorms

Day 146 - Toast Source: DaGoaty

Everyone ate toast. All the time.

You wouldn’t be allowed eat that much toast if your parents were around.

5. Your daily life involved queueing up for breakfast, lunch and dinner

5 Source: BlogSpot

So many queues.

6. And eating in a massive dining hall was standard practice

4148 Source: Content-bc

The politics of seating arrangements.

7. Some field/bush area was the go-to place for a shift

Tudor Grange Park - Solihull - playing field Source: ell brown

Grim? Oh yes.

8. The school dance was talked about for about six months before it happened

damon-breaking-it-down-at-school-dance Source: Vampirediaries

Wild speculation on something that lasted approximately three hours.

9. Communal midnight feasts were standard practice

Chocolate, crisps… toast. Anything you could get your hands on.

10. You never really understood why homework was called “prep” but now you say it too

boardinghomework Source: Twitter

11. Prefects were the all-seeing craic deniers of the dorms

prefect Source: Twitter

Waiting for them to come in and stop the messing.

12. Until you or your friends became one and you could see where they were coming from

5668950 Source: Gr-assets

“Seriously, those first years are loud.”

13. Everyone’s mam had sewn their name on to their clothes to distinguish it from the pile of jumpers

namesewn Source: Twitter

14. If you were in one of the unlucky places, you know the pain of Saturday school

tumblr_m3mdt6Jats1rrori1o1_500_large Source: Whicdn

Saturday. In school. Really?

15. You knew the tension between the boarders and day pupils

anigif_enhanced-17732-1398795596-1 Source: Buzzfed

16. But you also knew the craic that was had when you got on with “the other side”

tumblr_inline_n7hsbnFjzl1ql1m9j Source: Tumblr

17. And now you can look back on the dorms as some of the best times of your life

f0019b81ca84c036eefd52f003e9c3d834877e21_hq Source: Narvii

Great times.

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