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Pablo Dylan - his flow is dumb, which is nice.
Bob Dylan’s grandson joins offspring raging against the machine
Bob Dylan’s 15-year-old grandson has launched a bid to become a rapper. He’s just the latest in a long line of celebrity offspring to put themselves up for public scrutiny.

YOUNG PABLO DYLAN has a very famous lineage – but he’s determined to do it on his own, as a rapper.

We learned this week that the 15 year old’s debut single has appeared online, and The Guardian quotes the artist as saying his grandfather ‘feels strongly’ about his music.  Which way the elder Dylan’s feelings lie on the subject isn’t yet clear.

Pablo is the son of Jesse Dylan, Bob’s eldest child.  Jesse’s best known for directing music videos for Tom Petty, Lenny Kravitz, and Will.I.Am.

According to, Pablo, who produced this release himself, considers old man Dylan to be the ‘Jay-Z of his time’.

You can download Pablo’s hip-hop mix-tape 10 minutes from his website.

Dylan’s ditty outlines some hard times in his life:

Understand I really come from scrutiny/and mutiny/’cos my people turned their back on me.

But he relents and gives his Granda’ the respect he deserves in the next breath:

I’m the grandson of a man nothing less than legendary/ that’s a lot of pressure so I Berry Gordy / I am very Motown b**ch/ I’mma get that crown/ while I’m at it I might reinvent sound.

So he isn’t short on confidence – but can he deliver the goods?  Judge for yourself below with his debut track, Top of the World Ma:

Pablo’s just the latest celebrity to rage against the family machine.  Here’s‘s top ten progeny who’ve defied their famous elders:

Bob Dylan’s grandson joins offspring raging against the machine
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  • Jakob Dylan - very like his Da

    Pablo's uncle and Bob's son Jakob has made a career for himself with alt rock band The Wallflowers. Jakob's been very successful, but it didn't come easy and he's been dogged by comparisons with his folk artist Father throughout his career. Now a solo artist, he's only ever appeared on the same bill as his Father once, for a corporate gig in 2007 - even then they didn't perform together. Check out The Wallflowers Jeff Christensen/AP/Press Association Images
  • Laurence and Montana Fishburne - so proud

    Montana Fishburne (19) has angered her famous actor Father Laurence by openly pursuing a career as a porn actress. Her Dad attempted to block the distribution of her first porn film, but it was later leaked, allegedly by her co-star.
  • Drew Barrymore divorced her parents

    Drew Barrymore and godfather Steven Spielberg pose for the cameras. Drew's parents, grandparents and great-grandparents were all actors. At the age of 15 she sought, and won, emancipation from her parents in the courts, legally making her an independent adult.Source: KVARTUC BRANIMIR KVARTUC/PA Archive/Press Association Images
  • Ryan and Redmond O'Neal - got his Dad arrested

    Son of actors Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal, Redmond (26) was in jail when his Mother died of cancer. Father and son were arrested in 2008, after authorities found methamphetamine at their Malibu home during a probation check on Redmond. The elder O'Neal was ordered to participate in a drug awareness program, with Redmond to receive drug rehabilitation on an outpatient basis.Source: Reed Saxon/AP/Press Association Images
  • Chaz Bono and Cher - adjusting to new gender

    Author Chaz Bono (42) was born Chastity Sun Bono - the daugher of singers Sonny and Cher. He underwent female-to-male gender transition three years ago. His Mother has said she finds the new situation difficult to accept.Source: Tammie Arroyo/UK Press/Press Association Images
  • Jason Bonham - the clean living son

    Drummer Jason Bonham decided at 17 to becoming a musician. In doing so he dealt with the legacy left him by his father, Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham, who had died a few years before. He's so far avoided his Father's tendency towards over-partying - John died aged 32 after a day of heavy drinking. Jason now plays with his Father's old band on tour.Source: Koji Sasahara/AP/Press Association Images
  • Peaches Geldof and Dad Bob, who supports but disapproves

    Peaches Geldof, (22) defied Dad Bob to marry at 22, become a Scientologist and featured naked in photos, posted on the internet, allegedly taken during a heroin-fuelled one-night stand.Source: Zak Hussein/PA Archive/Press Association Images
  • Charlie and Martin Sheen, with Charlie's brother Emilio Estevez

    Actor Martin Sheen has been supportive of his son Charlie, during a difficult year for the star, druing which he's abused alcohol and drugs, and been involved in domestic violence incidents. He'll shortly be replaced in his Two and a Half Men role by Ashton Kutcher, after being fired from the show.Source: Rhonda Birndorf/AP/Press Association Images
  • Keith Allen and school dropout daughter Lily

    Singer Lily Allen (26) is the daughter of actor and musician Keith Allen. She's openly accused her Dad of failing to maintain a relationship with her and dropped out of school as a teenager. Source: Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images
  • Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus - leaves Momager to it

    Singer and actress Miley Cyrus (18) has courted controversy this past year, staging ever more raunchy shows, giving one of her backroom team a lap dance and then there was the infamous pot smoking allegation, which she denies. Her devoutly Baptist Father leaves the management side of things to her Mother.Source: Yui Mok/PA Archive/Press Association Images

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