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Lily Allen paid a visit to Zaytoon after her Dublin gig last night
Obviously had to be done.
Zoë Kravitz had a ridiculously shady response to Lily Allen's claim that they kissed
This is very awkward.
Lindsay Lohan is yet another celebrity with a white saviour complex
A recent video she posted has drawn criticism.
Lily Allen's account of sexual assault reveals we still have a long way to go to tackle how rape is reported
Lily Allen was able to run away to stop her sexual assault becoming rape, but some women can’t.
Lily Allen said that her story about sleeping with female escorts is not 'salacious' but rather depressing
The singer said she was suffering with postnatal depression and her marriage was deteriorating.
Lily Allen thinks Instagram is undoing the progress made around women's issues
Lily shared her thoughts.
Lily Allen had to preemptively reveal she slept with female escorts before a newspaper leaked the story
The singer had been informed that the Mail on Sunday were going to publish the story.
Lily Allen admitted that she's currently in over €1.1 million worth of debt
The singer says her perceived wealth is used to delegitimise her anger about Grenfell.
Piers Morgan cancelled Lily Allen's appearance on Good Morning Britian over their necklace feud
Get a grip Piers.
Lily Allen and Piers Morgan had a massive feud on Twitter over a necklace
She told Piers Morgan “I’ll stop wearing the necklace when you apologise for hacking the phones of dead children.”
Lily Allen had the perfect clapback for that tired old 'famous dad' put-down
And that’s how it’s done.
Lily Allen has opened up about her identity crisis and says she was bullied into doing the John Lewis advert in 2013
She said that her label made her do it to keep morale up.
Lily Allen shared a story about accidentally taking too much ketamine and getting kicked out of the Glamour Awards
She initially thought it was cocaine.
Lily Allen said she became isolated after police downplayed the severity of her stalker's actions
Alex Gray was convicted in 2016.
Lily Allen doesn't think that the #MeToo movement has been taken seriously at all
“Nobody’s changing.”
Lily Allen has criticised a festival for not booking enough female acts
“The struggle is real.”
Jamie Oliver's offering free food and drink to anyone affected by the fire in Grenfell Tower
Here’s how everyone is helping out.
Lily Allen trolled and abused on Twitter over her baby son's death
She’s temporarily quit over “new levels” of abuse.
Lily Allen has abandoned her Twitter account after abuse over her baby son's death
She’s temporarily quit over “new levels” of abuse.
Lily Allen hit back at newspapers for saying her life is 'out of control'... it's The Dredge
All the best of the day’s celebrity DIRT.
Lily Allen is on holiday in Galway and it looks like she's having great craic
Sorry about the weather, Lily.
Lily Allen 'grateful to be alive' after gas explosion in Glastonbury caravan
She warned festival-goers to be careful with gas stoves.
Lily Allen says she's 'grateful to be alive' after a gas explosion at Glastonbury
The singer is currently camping out ahead of the music festival this week.
Chris de Burgh encouraged Rosanna Davison to pose nude for Playboy... it's The Dredge
All the best of the day’s celebrity dirt.
Has Lily Allen been arrested? It's the Dredge
All of the day’s celebrity dirt.
Lily Allen chooses Where's Me Jumper as one of her Desert Island Discs
It’s alright to say things can only get better…
New short film by Cornetto tells cute lesbian love story
It’s as sweet as the treat itself.
Harry Styles tells Niall Horan to "get on Tinder"… it’s The Dredge
All the very best of the day’s celebrity dirt.
7 top tips for taking the perfect political selfie
Because it’s about more than just saying cheese.
Katie Hopkins unwittingly signed an order banning her from public speaking*
*It’s not official. But it made us laugh anyway.
Dominic Cooper told a mortifying story about exposing himself on Graham Norton
Filthy rich Paris Hilton won even MORE money... It's the Dredge
Lily Allen continues to school Katie Hopkins and Prince plays secret gigs in London… It’s nasty in here.
Lily Allen tells massive bore Katie Hopkins to sew her mouth up... The Dredge
Celebrity filth. So much of it.
Tweet Sweeper: Amy Huberman got an adorable Christmas card from a kid
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Spotify given a dressing down over Lily Allen "F*** You" recommendation
The company are red-faced after recommending some users to “give it a try. F*** You”.
Lisa McInerney: It’s nice that the f-word is no longer such a dirty one
A few months ago the word “feminist” was strictly taboo for pop stars, but now they’re falling over themselves to identify as feminists, writes Lisa McInerney
Lily Allen and dancers respond to accusations of racism in her new video
Reaction to the Hard out Here video has been mixed.
Lily Allen lays into Robin Thicke and the music industry in new video
It’s hard out here for a bitch!
Tweet Sweeper: Roz Purcell would want to cool her bleedin' jets
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Tweet Sweeper: Brian McFadden irons his shirts with a wok
… or at least he’s thinking about it.