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# body positivity

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# fatphobia
Instagram's shopping feature is - inadvertently - highlighting brands who add a 'fat tax'
Caught rapid.
# januhairy
Introducing Januhairy, the movement which encourages women to grow their body hair for a month
Grow get ‘em.
# transformation tuesday
Poll: Do you think before-and-after weight loss pictures can be harmful?
A debate has opened up on social media.
# Size Matters
Ellie Kelly's new collection with Misspap just launched - but what's the craic with the sizing?
Fans are disappointed the line only goes up to a size 12.
# princess eugenie
How Princess Eugenie incorporated a body positive message into her wedding dress
Why she chose her dress (and ditched the veil).
# body positivity
Roundly rejected: Learning to ignore the message that we need to look less like ourselves
‘I just thought I had a face.’
# body positivity
10 body-positive fashion accounts that are well worth a place on your Insta feed
Diversity is key.
# queen serena
Serena Williams opened up about her struggles with being body positive when she was younger
At one point in 2004 she set herself a goal of being a size 4.
# khloe kardashian
Celebs and bloggers are laying into Khloe Kardashian for sharing tips on how to look thin in photos
# self love
10 great body positive accounts to follow on Instagram
These people are keeping it real. Really real.
# every body is a good body
Meet the Dublin woman encouraging thousands of Irish people to 'be kinder to their bodies'
“Body positivity is about showing your body the respect it deserves,” says Rebecca Flynn.
# socks n jocks
This body positive underwear ad features regular men in all their glory
More of this please.
# socks n jocks
This body positive underwear ad features regular men in all their dadbod glory
Body positivity is for guys too!
# liberated
Kim Kardashian has inspired tons of people to take naked selfies for body positivity
It’s a bit NSFW in here. Just warning you.
# thigh reading
Women are celebrating their stretch marks with the inspiring #ThighReading hashtag
Because the lines on your thighs tell a better story than the lines on your palms.