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'We lied to you, we're sorry': Bodyform comes clean about sanitary towels

Check out the company’s frankly brilliant response to one man’s Facebook rant.

RICHARD NEIL FROM Coleraine recently decided to take sanitary towel ads to task.

He wrote to Bodyform on Facebook, ranting at them for making him believe that a woman’s period was all about skydiving, rollerblading and generally lepping around.

The company have made a video in response to Richard’s questions, featuring Caroline Williams, Bodyform CEO*

The flagrant use of visualisation such as skydiving, mountainbiking – you forgot horseriding Richard – are actually metaphors. They’re not real.
I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but there’s no such thing as a happy period. The reality is, some people simply can’t handle the truth.

The video details how, it the eighties, the company showed advertisements which depicted cramps, mood swings and insatiable hunger to focus groups, with disastrous results:

It then goes on to blame Richard for exposing the lies peddled for years in commercials about sanitary protection:

… thereby exposing every man to a reality we hoped they would never have to face.


*According to Bodyform: “Unfortunately Bodyform doesn’t have a CEO. But if it did she’d be called Caroline Williams. And she say this”.

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