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Bord Gáis posted a picture of one of their engineers to Facebook and he's become a sensation

How one man can go unexpectedly viral.

YOU WOULDN’T USUALLY expect viral internet posts to come from the Facebook page of Bord Gáis, but this is 2017 and anything can happen.

Yesterday, the energy company introduced us to Liam:

“Meet our service engineer Liam! Liam has been servicing boilers for 18 years. That’s over 20,000 boilers and at least 6,500 cups of tea.”

DC: Trudeau State Dinner Guest Arrivals Source: Bord Gáis Facebook

Standard enough friendly corporate Facebook content?


Liam’s portrait has gone super viral, with nearly 600 likes and 300 comments on the photo.

Everyone loves Liam, and have been making so many gags on the post overnight:

My boiler suddenly broke *hides hammer*
You know how to get our attention Bord Gais. Is it 1 sugar or 2 Liam

Gareth was straight in there:

Oh hi Liam. Is it only Boilers you service???

The boiler puns were inspired, like this hypothetical conversation from Leah:

“Oh Liam, thank goodness you’re here, it’s so HOT, I think my boilers about to EXPLODE”

It’s safe to say that a Bord Gáis Facebook post hasn’t ever got this much attention

DC: Trudeau State Dinner Guest Arrivals Source: Bord Gáis Facebook

Another commenter noted that Liam is setting the standard too high for other boiler engineers:

I’m more worried about the unrealistic standards of beauty that gas boiler engineers are held to. Everyone knows your average tradesman is a belching 49 year old with a beer belly and a comb over.

A potential downfall if his fame continues on this ridiculous upward trajectory.

Surely this isn’t a ruse to get us all talking about Bord Gáis:

Bord Gais you’ve broken the internet
Whoever your marketing genius is I take my hat off

DailyEdge.ie has contacted them to see if Liam is aware of his new-found internet fame, and the hundreds of brilliantly jokey comments that are waiting for him when he next looks at the company’s Facebook page.

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