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# procasti-nation
14 people who took being bored at work to genius levels
All across the procrasti-nation.

IT’S FRIDAY EVENING, which means the working week is pretty much done.

So it’s a perfect time to salute those who use their time in the office wisely:

1. Like the Irish lad that spotted there was no milk in the office fridge

milk1 Imgur Imgur

So tricked everyone into thinking there was a full litre of Avonmore because he was just that bored:

milk2 Imgur Imgur

2. And this guy in the office alone had a few spare post-it notes

workpostit Imgur Imgur

Quite the collection.

3. Somebody made a friend

workgenius Imgur Imgur

4. When the internet was down, the only solace left was MS Paint

PnS2IZs Imgur Imgur

Draw what you know.

5. Some of these feats require genius levels of patience

JZ83vsx Imgur Imgur

6. Or a creative imagination

K7sYddh Imgur Imgur

7. Here, the office needed a new, creepy member

cage1 Imgur Imgur

So one was provided:

cage2 Imgur Imgur

The effort has never seemed so worth it:

cage3 Imgur Imgur

8. When you’re bored at work, you might want to make a political statement

sugregation Imgur Imgur

9. This person just started scratching a can of Coke

scratched Imgur Imgur

And created a masterpiece:

mazeon Imgur Imgur

10. Look at this little character

boredapple Imgur Imgur

It would never have happened without some procrastination.

11. This person just casually defied the laws of physics at their own desk

cokephysics Imgur Imgur

12. And this shelf stacker needed to make a point

iP2INl6 Imgur Imgur

13. These people are heroes among us

RGbDguV Imgur Imgur

14. Turning the mundane everyday items into pure genius

stapler Imgur Imgur

Well done all.

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