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Newspaper tweets image of 'chocolate butt plugs' and the internet goes crazy

Oh dear.

LAST NIGHT, THE Boston Globe tweeted a link to an article about how chocolate can now help prevent memory loss in people as they age. A typical good news story then.

Only problem? They decided to use a photo showing what appears to be two chocolate sex toys to accompany the tweet.

Namely, a chocolate butt plug.

As Gawker points out, the two chocolate butt plugs in question are chocolate recreations of sculptures by Paul McCarthy, who made news earlier this month for being the artist behind the giant butt plug erected and quickly deflated n Paris.

Needless to say, readers immediately copped that it was a chocolate butt plug and had a lot to say about it.

One reader stated the obvious.

Others complimented it.

While others couldn’t fathom why they opted to go with that photo.

The tweet has yet to be deleted, so either The Boston Globe has copped the error and is stubbornly leaving it up or they are still blissfully ignorant as to what they have posted.

Either way: LOL.

buttplug Source: Twitter

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