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19 of the loveliest brand reactions to today's US marriage equality ruling

Nice work, advertising departments.

TODAY, THE US legalised same-sex marriage in all fifty states.

As usual, brands wasted no time celebrating.

1. Red Bull’s play on words

2. Ben and Jerry’s kind gesture

3. Google Doodle IRL

4. Philadelphia’s rainbow cheese cake

5. Levi’s goes bright

6. Maybelline

7. Orange is the New Black play to their fans

8. Game of Thrones <3

9. Google Glass

10. Lucky Charms, the best charm of all

11. Kellogg’s

12. Absolut vodka


13. Snickers, going back on old slogans

14. Mentos know what’s up

15. Visa

16. MGM Studios

17. Chipotle, with this lovely burrito

18. Etsy’s was as cute as expected

19. Coca Cola, simple but to the point

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