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14 times brands tried way too hard to be cool

“The young folks will love this.”

GETTING DOWN WITH the kids is something that is universally appealing to all brands out there.

There are subtle ways to go about this mission – and then there are these efforts:

1. We see what you’re trying to do here

NfTKRDw Source: Imgur

2. Shield your eyes from this

3. TTYL :)

branding1 Source: Imgur

4. Ain’t nobody indeed

wfUcApj Source: Imgur

5. This slightly creepy attempt at the cinema

Local cinema advertising reminds me of the way I talk to my cat. Source: Imgur

6. The I’m On A Boat song was popular in 2009, of course, so it’s a perfect fit for a tweet in 2015

7. This magazine cover

magazinefleek Source: Twitter

No car should be on fleek. Ever.

8. This wonderful combination of bad punning and a song from 2001

9. Would you want to sit in this McDonald’s?

No, no, no, no.

10. Or get a burger from this place?

brburger Source: Imgur

11. You’d send back this pizza if you were to stick to your principles

yv5YJk2 Source: Imgur

12. And this meme is still fresh and relevant

Pitiful attempt from a fish and chips shop down my road... Source: Imgur

13. Please, no

14. #Grrreat

That meme should be left in the desktop recycling bin of 2009. For everyone’s sake.


A hat-tip to the wonderful Brands Saying Bae and Fellow Kids for collecting some of these. 

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