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Brazilian bishops bash 'abusive and immoral' reality television

Millions of Brazilians tune into reality shows like Big Brother but the Catholic bishops do not approve.

A Brazilian bishop (file photo)
A Brazilian bishop (file photo)
Image: AP Photo/Pier Paolo Cito

CATHOLIC BISHOPS IN BRAZIL have attacked the country’s popular reality television shows claiming they are an “evil of society”.

At a national conference of bishops in Brazil, which has the world’s largest population of catholics, church leaders said that reality television shows were an “attack on human dignity of participants”, according to the Associated Press.

They added that freedom of expression did not give the creators of such shows the right to to attack the “moral values that sustain society.”

Agence France Presse says they also bemoaned the “low moral level” of such shows and called them “an abusive and immoral exploitation.”

Reality television is extremely popular in Brazil according to the BBC, but the shows are often criticised for sexual innuendo and bad language.

One the most popular is the Brazilian version of Big Brother, where the winner receives nearly $1 million.

Participants – particularly the female ones –  pose naked in magazines such as Playboy Brazil after appearing or they show up as television presenters.

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