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# cut off point
So this guy took the break up REALLY well*
*by sawing all his and ex’s stuff in half and becoming internet famous.

Updated June 24

YOU KNOW HOW regular break ups are pretty awkward at the start, but everything turns out OK in the end?

This guy didn’t get that particular memo.

Update: The whole thing has turned out to be a hoax, according to the BBC. An information portal for German lawyers sawed the items in half and created the video to highlight the fact that “too few married couples take precautions for the case of a possible separation.”

They showed quite the commitment to the cause.

The items still exist on eBay and will be sold with the proceeds going to charity.

They started off small with this phone

German man cuts possessions in half to spite ex-girlfriend 1192894 ebay ebay

He took all their joint possessions and sawed them in half – putting his share up on eBay for all of us to see

ebay8 ebay ebay

His commitment to sawing stuff in half is admirable, if way over the top

ebay7 ebay ebay

Like, seriously

ebay6 ebay ebay

The man has posted to the German eBay under the username der.juli - and he’s also put up a Youtube video which shows him cutting everything in half.

The video is simply titled For Laura - with the caption underneath the video reading:

Thank you for 12 ‘beautiful’ years Laura !!!!! you’ve really earned half.

Not. Bitter. At. All.

He really went all out for it

ebay5 ebay ebay

Ah, now

German man cuts possessions in half to spite ex-girlfriend 1192894 ebay ebay

There has still been no other confirmation that this break up has happened – apart from the Youtube clip and the eBay listing. Still, would somebody destroy so much stuff for a simple internet prank?

Like a full bed

ebay3 ebay ebay

And their car

ebay2 ebay ebay

Some people do say that cutting the ex out of your life is the best way to go, but this guy took it way too literally.

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