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The 14 greatest internet responses to the Breaking Bad finale

Goodbye Breaking Bad, we’ll miss you. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Source: Frank Ockenfels/AMC

SO, HAVE WE all recovered from the Breaking Bad finale?

Let’s just say the internet was quick to react. Here’s the best of it. If you hadn’t guessed, GIANT SPOILERS AHEAD.

1. This intriguing decode of the last episode’s name

So the final episode of Breaking Bad was named FelinaFe-Li-Na

Fe= Iron, in blood

Li= Lithium, used in cooking meth

Na= Sodium, in tears

Fe-Li-Na…. Blood, Meth and Tears

via Tumblr

2. The thousands of people who wanted to hear the final song again

Sending streaming of soft-rock act Badfinger’s classic Baby Blue rocketing by 9,000 per cent on Spotify.

Source: mikecarter79

3. The giant spike in social media activity

The Breaking Bad finale generated 1.5million tweets and 5.5million Facebook interactions, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Source: Gifsoup

4. These painstaking GIFs of every character’s first and last appearance

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

See them all at smileslikeareptile.tumblr.com.

5. This sobering insight

6. Google knowing exactly how we feel

(Lost and alone without Breaking Bad, obviously.)

7. These people who rode around New York in Jesse’s car handing out ‘blue stuff’

Source: Mashable

8. This brilliant spot

Source: little-hidden-details

9. This idea

Which we are totally behind.

10. The people who were very concerned about Huell’s fate

Source: wewalkintothewild

11. And the other people who made a trailer for his spin-off show

Source: Daily Videos

It’s called Huell’s Rules, and he’s still in the safe house.

12. The *real* moral of the story

Source: Twitter

13. This strangely poignant official goodbye

Source: Twitter/@BreakingBad_AMC

14. And this, much better, unofficial one

Source: Twitter

RIP Breaking Bad.

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