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Breaking Bad's Hank gives an Irish interview... and 4 other weekend TV picks
Whether you’re staying in or going wild, we’ve got the telly for you.

THE WEEKEND IS here!  Isn’t it just mad the way it comes around every week? Crazy.

As it’s Friday, it’s time for us to give you a few pointers regarding what you should watch this weekend.

We’ve got something for every situation, so no matter what you’re up to, read on.

If you need to believe there’s good in the world… Groundhog Day (Fri, Sky 1, 23:00)


If you’re staying in tonight and feeling a little down about it, Groundhog Day is the perfect antidote.

Bill Murray is one of the best humans in the world, and even the presence of Andie McDowell can’t ruin this classic. It’s bound to make you feel better about life.

If you need some laid back quality time with the kids… Little Manhattan (Sat, Channel 4, 15:40)


This love story about two ten-year-olds is gorgeous, and will be enjoyed by both you and the kids.

If you can’t watch it, record it and save it for a rainy day.

If you’re suffering from Breaking Bad withdrawal… The Saturday Night Show (Sat, RTE1, 22:00)

2013 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards - Governors Ball AP / Press Association Images AP / Press Association Images / Press Association Images

Dean Norris, aka Hank Schrader will be making an appearance on the show this week.

What will Brendan ask him? What will he reveal?  WHO KNOWS?

If you’re expecting a Sunday hangover… Easy A (Sat, C4, 23:05)


Ok, so this requires a bit of planning ahead, but this teen film starring Emma Stone is exactly what your sore head will want on Sunday afternoon.

Set your box to record, and revel in the smugness of being prepared on Sunday when you get up.

If you want to be able to talk to the people in work on Monday… Love/Hate (Sun, RTE1, 21:30)


After all the talk, it’s finally back.  Aside from the fact that it’s good, everyone will be talking about this tomorrow, so you might as well watch it.

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