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Tweet Sweeper: Brian McFadden needs to change his nappy

And all of the best tweets this week from celebrities.

YEP IT’S FORMER Westlifer and forthcoming TV presenter, Brian McFadden.

He found Paranormal Activity just a little bit TOO much.

Amazing as always, Hubes

Not really, BOD, but you can pretty much do what you like mate

We presume she doesn’t mean the Dublin theatre…

Tweet by @Cher Cher / Twitter Cher / Twitter / Twitter

We feel you, Katy

Tweet by @Katy Perry Katy Perry / Twitter Katy Perry / Twitter / Twitter

I know that these are words but I can’t get them to make sense

Tweet by @Nicki Minaj Nicki Minaj / Twitter Nicki Minaj / Twitter / Twitter

Selfie-ception. And that’s J Lo by the way. No biggie

Poor Gaga


Not really, Tyra

Autocorrect fail

Incredible stuff

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