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*deep breaths*
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There’s always one.
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All’s fair in love and Christmas telly.
Irish actor Chris O'Dowd backs the 'Mayo for Sam' campaign
The Bridesmaids star is following in the footsteps of Dubliner Andy Reid.
5 Hollywood franchises that could do with Chris O'Dowd
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Chris O'Dowd and David O'Doherty... Are they the same person?
One incredible man, or just two Irish guys who happen to make a living from being funny? We look at the evidence.
VIDEO: Comedy star Chris O'Dowd on his hero Shane Curran
He played for the Rossies too you know.
Airplane named as 'funniest film ever made'
The Life of Brian voted funniest film, but spoof disaster film Airplane generates more laughs per minute.
Chris O'Dowd's wife-to-be dismisses newspaper reports of 'two weddings'
TV presenter and author Dawn Porter has taken to Twitter to rubbish rumours about a double wedding with the Bridesmaids and IT Crowd star (and Roscommon man).
The Guard takes out Bridesmaids
Movie starring Brendan Gleeson as an ‘unorthodox’ Garda is one of the most successful opening weekends for an Irish film here ever.