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12 struggles all bridesmaids will relate to

*deep breaths*

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IF THE FILM Bridesmaids taught us anything, it’s that being a bridesmaid is tough work.


1. Even if you really aren’t keen on the idea of being a bridesmaid, you have to say yes if you’re asked

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There’s no other option.

2. And so you’re left saddled with loads of responsibilities and the knowledge that you won’t even be able to wear one of your own dresses

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3. Helping the bride choose her dress will be a trying experience for all involved

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And you might find yourself saying, “Sure, that one’s grand!” after the fourth dress due to your inability to feign interest anymore.

4. And finding a bridesmaid dress that suits everyone will make you want to end it all

giphy (7) Source: yahooentertainment/Tumblr

*sees bridesmaid dress*

“Oh, it’s lovely!”

- to be said through gritted teeth

5. If the dress is truly awful, you’ll just have to suck it up and resign yourself to the fact that it won’t be your Facebook profiler

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You can do this.

6. You’ll have to put up with the bride even when she’s behaving like an actual stressed out lunatic

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This person is my friend. This person is my friend. This person is my friend.

- you on a constant loop for two months.

7. Organising the hen party will literally take over your life

8. You will find yourself snowed under by e-mail chains about where to go, who can go, how much it’s all going to cost, etc.

giphy (1)


9. And you might just find yourself given the task of buying penis straws for the festivities

Willy Straws Source: Last Night of Freedom

As you run out on your lunch to pick up penis straws from the nearest pound shop, you’ll find yourself seriously questioning the institution of marriage.

10. By the time the actual wedding rolls around, you’ll be absolutely broke

giphy (12) Source: Giphy

Because unlike brides, bridesmaids don’t recoup their expenses in gifts.

It’s a hard knock life.

11. Don’t forget that the wedding day itself poses loads of dangers


Messing up the reading, dancing in heels, the fear that you’ll somehow be roped into making a speech, bouquets being thrown in your face…


12. But you know you’d do it all again in a heartbeat

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Because that’s what mates are for.

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