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O'Dowd and Proud

5 Hollywood franchises that could do with Chris O'Dowd

He’s in Thor 2. Chris O’Dowd makes everything better to be honest.

CHRIS O’DOWD has gone from being a local hero on a UK sitcom (The IT Crowd) to a local hero in big movies like Bridesmaids and This Is 40 (and US TV show Girls).

This week he admitted that he’s got a cameo in the movie Thor: The Dark World, the sequel to the Marvel superhero hit Thor.

Obviously, we love seeing an Irish actor do well and particularly one with as much charm as Chris.

But if he’s bringing a bit of his magic to Thor, we reckon he could take part in some other franchises.

The Hangover

The Hangover 3 is due this summer and without sounding outrageously stereotypical, surely a decent Irish character is a must for a film dealing with the impact of a bit too much booze on a night out?

Just saying.

movieclipsTrailers / YouTube

The Fast and The Furious

There is a sixth (!) edition of the car racing series arriving this summer and if we’re really going to have to watch Vin Diesel mumble while driving a shiny car why can’t we have some much needed Roscommon-style comic relief along the way?

movieclipsTrailers / YouTube

The Great Gatsby

The much hyped literary adaptation from Baz Luhrmann is finally due this summer.

Can we just point out now that if Chris O’Dowd can be worked in and put in some kind of fancy suit it will improve things no end.

movieclipsCOMINGSOON / YouTube

Monsters University

The long awaited sequel to Monsters Inc will be a delight we’re sure.

But if Pixar want to make it extra delightful they should whip up a decent role for an Irish star whose goofy nature is cartoon gold.

And the star we are referring to is obviously Chris O’Dowd and not Colin Farrell.

WaltDisneyStudiosUK / YouTube

Star Trek Into Darkness

Look, we get that some people love Star Trek and even more people loved the 2009 reboot of the franchise.

But for many of us, Star Trek is still quantam spaceship thing blah blah Captain Kirk blah blah flying around space blah blah.

Let’s take a cue from the casting of Simon Pegg in the 2009 film and throw a little O’Dowd into the mix to ease the jargon a tiny bit.

joblomovienetwork / YouTube

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