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7 reasons to watch tonight's Brit Awards

Will James Corden insult another international superstar? Will Rihanna host another painting party?

IT’S ONE OF pop music’s biggest nights but will the ceremony go off without diva tantrums and controversy? We hope not! Here’s why you should be glued to The Brit Awards tonight.

For the off-chance that host James Corden will insult someone again.

He’s generally the funny man that can do no wrong but someone should have warned Mr Corden last year that it’s never cool to interrupt Adele, whether she’s singing or even just rambling on with an acceptance speech. Hang your head in shame James…

YouTube/Nick Galvik

Because it might inspire another spoof nominees video as good as this one


Because a random punter may try to steal a few seconds of fame again

Sometimes you really need to go to the toilet or to the bar or you’re just not that bothered about the next act…


Because Rihanna might suggestively splash paint over everyone again

We all know how she likes to be a tad unpredictable but what’s next for Rihanna? She’s done the painting party thing… Building an IKEA shelf unit on stage maybe?


Because you might be filled with national pride when you hear someone with a thick Mullingar accent accepting an award

Westmeath native Niall Horan and his One Direction pals have been nominated for Best British Group at tonight’s ceremony but we can’t promise you that Niall will be allowed to talk even if they do scoop the gong! More probably they’ll all just speak over each other excitedly and we won’t have a clue what any of them are actually saying.

Image: Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick/Empics Entertainment via Press Association

To watch popstars doing their gracious (or not so gracious) losers’ faces

We’ve decided Ed Sheeran is clearly too used to winning things. He seems slightly perplexed and not at all bothered with the notion of perfecting a gracious loser face here. But we reckon Jade from Little Mix should get a prize just for pulling the face you’re about to see.


To see Emeli Sandé’s last live performance in six months

Rumours suggest that the songstress will be stepping out of the spotlight after tonight’s show. We might not care about this but for the fact that we’ve been so overloaded with all things Emeli Sandé for the last six months that there’s a strong possibility we might actually suffer severe withdrawal symptoms next week. She’s closing the show tonight… well if James Corden can cut off whoever is accecpting their award at the time that is!

Image: John Phillips/EMPICS Entertainment via Press Association

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