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Irish people gave their brutally honest opinion on American beers

America’s most popular beers is like, probably, America’s most popular music.

WE LIKE OUR beer here in Ireland, that’s no secret.

irish_12 Source: thebeerclub.ie

The craft beer scene in the country has been on the up, and basically we’re not settling down with bland beers, thanks very much.

The lads over at Fact asked a bunch of Irish people to taste American beers such as Budweiser, Coors Light, Miller.

Which do they say it smells like vomit? Piss water? All of the above?

Source: Facts./YouTube

Needless to say, Americans weren’t impressed with our interpretation of their beer.

Ok though this is like saying McDonalds is American food. It’s not food. And budweiser is not beer. There are so many better and smaller american breweries.
 What? You literally gave them the shittiest beer the U.S. has to offer. F*cking piss.
They choose piss water, out of all the good beer they choose the worst money can buy.

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