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'Bubbling' is the horrifying new craze you don't want to know about (NSFW)

It’s just in Australia. For now.

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AN AUSTRALIAN FOOTBALL player was sacked last weekend when a photo emerged of him apparently peeing into his own mouth.

Todd Carney was fired by his club, and said the act was “just a prank”. Here’s the NSFW photo:

This might seem like just another case of an athlete doing something ridiculous and regrettable, and social media blowing up.

But sadly, the incident has spawned online copycats. And the act of peeing into your own mouth now has its very own name: bubbling.

Urban Dictionary defines bubbling as:

The art of urinating directly into ones mouth.
Often whilst standing, can be done in hotel rest rooms and mosh pits.

Here’s the Google Trends graph for online interest in the word “bubbling” over the past ten days or so:

Source: Google Trends

Its recent surge in popularity started off in Australia:

It got a big boost from a group of Aussie skaters, who essentially trolled Vice magazine by claiming it was massive in that country and they did it all the time. One skater told the magazine:

It’s huge in Australia. It’s part of our everyday life. My dad actually taught me how to do it when I was a kid.

This, plainly, was a lie. But it’s a lie that’s turned into a horrible reality.

There is now a Facebook page (link NSFW)  encouraging people to upload photos of themselves imitating Todd Carney. It’s called “Piss in your mouth for todd carney” and its mission statement is:

Todd Carney should not of been sacked.
So show your support by doing it and we will post it.

So far, at least two people have answered the call:

Then there was the much-publicised incident of a young man doing the same thing at a metal gig in Melbourne, which popped up on Reddit:

Source: Imgur

And interest is growing. Here’s a Topsy graph showing the number of tweets about bubbling, up to last weekend:

Source: Topsy

So yes, bubbling is definitely happening. At least a bit. At least in Australia. At least among some people.

Please don’t let this become a thing in Ireland. Please don’t let this become a thing in Ireland. Please don’t [etc]

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