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18 of the most Buckfast things that ever happened

Praise be to Buckfast.

BUCKFAST IS ONLY legendary. It truly deserves to be honoured, like it was at these moments.

1. When this Buckfast menu was introduced on Buckfast Day

download The Goat's Toe The Goat's Toe


2. Buckfast day, in general

It’s on the second Saturday of every May.


3. When this became an ideal Christmas gift in Galway

tumblr_lc5exuekVj1qznmllo1_500 Tumblr Tumblr

4. Buckfast ice cream became a thing

5. When this Buckfast baby was brought into the world

13267770_1044472278977406_1025933771352891534_n wreckthehoosejuice wreckthehoosejuice

6. Buckfast EASTER EGGS

Buckfast Easter Egg Chillilicious Chillilicious

7. When someone decided that they wanted this birthday cake

Toms birthday cake I made. Super proud of myself shannon_fullbrook shannon_fullbrook

8. When this was used as a Christmas tree

PastedImage-93 Devlin Connaughton Devlin Connaughton

9. When someone made Buckfast marshmallow

10. This Buckfast clock

PastedImage-74700 @StewartWilson19 @StewartWilson19

What time is it? It’s Buckfast TIME.

11. A Buckfast USB key, became a thing that exists

PastedImage-202 @StewartWilson19 @StewartWilson19

12. This Buckfast calculator

We’d love to see you pull this out during the Leaving Cert.

PastedImage-61318 @StewartWilson19 @StewartWilson19

13. When someone invented the Buckfast emoji app

13237723_1035970539827580_7814260035383408249_n wreckthehoosejuice wreckthehoosejuice

Get it here.

14. When someone got this tattoo

13062011_1027242157367085_7969158020181845035_n wreckthehoosejuice wreckthehoosejuice

They’re living their best lives.

15. When someone made this costume

c9ddc0b589451c81f3d725b0f8c34f2a Pinterest Pinterest

16. This steak and buckfast pie


17. When bacon and Buckfast came together to make the most perfect food item

18. And finally, when this happened



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