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This girl found actual bugs living in her make-up sponge and it was terrifying


STEVIE MILLER IS a UK-based beauty professional - and she has just gone through every bug-hater’s worst nightmare.

Stevie had just bought a new beauty sponge from a retailer abroad and the video she posted on Facebook last week about it has exploded in popularity.

But it’s not good. At all.

She noticed that there was a small hole in her new beauty blender

makeup1 Source: Facebook

She had a look inside it, and saw something black

makeup2 Source: Facebook

She assumed that something from her make-up bag had got stuck in there – so she went at it with a tweezers, and found something else entirely

buggie Source: Facebook

Yes, an actual bug inside the sponge. She then went back in again and found a wing

wing Source: Facebook

Noooooo. She went back in for one final look and ANOTHER one came out

whatisthat Source: Facebook

Then, Stevie decided to investigate further – by cutting it open

cut1 Source: Facebook

And found another “black thing”

cut2 Source: Facebook

Her reaction was pretty normal in such circumstances

rezction Source: Facebook

The video has received over 20,000 shares and every single person has the same reaction:

3b5fd6260e88e04ab34b3bb08eafc0a1.500x245x9 Source: Rapgenius

Please, no.

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