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# team no sleep
11 super creepy Wikipedia pages that will keep you up tonight
Night night now.
# The Killing of a Sacred Deer
The trailer for Colin Farrell, Barry Keoghan and Nicole Kidman's new horror film is here and it's so creepy
# Creepy
They're back... Have you noticed the swarms of flying ants?
Even looking at photos of them makes you feel like they’re in your hair.
# pieta
A Galway gal just came up with the perfect solution to creepy lads in clubs
Will also work on creeps of any gender, FYI.
# US Elections
The latest attack ad targeting Ted Cruz is pretty terrifying
# cheers for that
A little girl sent the Dublin Fire Brigade a brilliant yet creepy thank you note
That’s way dark, Polly.
# help us and save us
This Mexican island populated entirely with decomposing dolls is TERRIFYING
La Isla de las Muñecas (island of the dolls) is located just outside Mexico City.
# Shudder
This is the worst album title ever
The 1975′s new album title will make you shudder.
# you've got some neck
This little boy's insanely flexible neck is freaking the internet out
# bugged
This girl found actual bugs living in her make-up sponge and it was terrifying
# 8 circle street
You can buy Buffalo Bill's house from Silence of the Lambs for €270,000
“May I use your phone please?”
# actual horror
This bizarre green sea creature is creeping out the internet
Running away forever.
# incy wincy
This footage of a warehouse spider invasion is some major nightmare fuel
# mall rats
23 creepy photos of abandoned, empty shopping centres
The sets of a thousand zombie movies… only real.
# i want to believe
13 creepy Wikipedia pages that'll keep you awake tonight
It takes all sorts to make a world. All sorts.
# yeh big ride
This Irish personal ad takes a frightening turn for the creepy
The Metro Herald’s Yeh Big Ride section never fails to offer something good.
# Creepy
Russian children celebrate Putin's birthday with exceedingly creepy music video
It may haunt your dreams.
# Impressive
Believe it or not, this is not actually a real person
Stop technology, we’re in too deep.
# the horror the horror
This raven actually talks, and it's utterly terrifying
Quoth the raven, “Who’s a good boy?”
# mutual pleasure
Unbearably creepy Gumtree roomshare of the day
What’s with all the bed sharing?
# Nope
9 horrifying thoughts you've never even considered
So creepy.
# paddington scare
The live-action Paddington Bear is freaking everybody out
Why does he look so… grizzly…
# slow down pal
Creepy guy tells reporter 'You are so f***ing hot' live on air
Er, nice to meet you too sir.
# creepypasta
9 terrifying internet horror memes that will scare you silly
Who doesn’t love a good scare?
# spy cam
Guy pranks his friends by hacking into their webcams
Always feel like, somebody’s watching meeee.
# Thriller
A Michael Jackson hologram performed at the Billboard awards and freaked everyone out
We are deeply uncomfortable.
# no sleep
How far can you make it without getting completely creeped out?
You weren’t planning on sleeping anyway.
12 pictures you will never, ever be the same after seeing
# found shoe
This video will make you look at Disney movies in a completely different way
Let’s face it, it’s only creepy if YOU do it.
# humanoids
Here are the crazy military robots Google bought this week
Amazing creations – but also a tad creepy.
This flying Grim Reaper prank is absolutely terrifying
This’ll give you the heebie jeebies.
# is he serious?
This is probably the creepiest Craigslist ad you'll read today
If you want to be both “passionate” and “secure” then step right this way.
Column: Facebook creeping is one thing, but is the ‘Who’s Ur Wan’ page a step too far?
Is Who’s Ur Wan Facebook page a bit of fun or another website objectifying women, asks Aoife O’Connor.
# yer wan
'Who's Ur Wan' Facebook group identifies women in nightclub photos
“Creep, creep” says the new Facebook group.
# Shudder
8 unintentionally weird toys for kids
What’s wrong with a nice bit of Bagpuss?
# Creepy
In pics: Inside an abandoned school for young ladies
The Bennett College, built in 1890 in Millbrook, New York, is set to be demolished.
Michael Jackson’s desperate letter to Lisa Marie pulled from auction
A scrawled letter from Michael Jackson complains about a lack of sleep.
# Find a Home
Always wanted a life-size doll? Here's a lovely one for sale...
She’s looking for a new home.