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We're calling it, this is definitely the selfie of the year

AND there’s a video!

KUDOS, THE SELFIE king has been crowned.

Reddit user Zchavago posted what we can basically confirm is the latest selfie of the year.

eqznolU Source: Imgur

Not only that, but commenter westtexasshell was with the guy when he found out he had gone viral for taping his encounter at the Houston Bull Run.

rxJIny9 Source: Imgur

Turns out he wasn’t taking a selfie at all, but a video, which you can see right here. So we’re deducting major points for the medium, the way he’s holding the camera, and the vertical video, but it’s still great.

Source: myownconviction

Of course, Reddit quickly turned him into a meme.

It started off tame

972bzgI Source: Imgur

But escalated quickly. They always do

8ArfhEb Source: Imgur

These illustrations of ‘deep dark fears’ will make you grimace>

Well this chair pulling prank didn’t go exactly to plan>

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