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14 signs you might actually be in love with burritos

You’ve been foiled.

IF YOU THINK you are the greatest burrito fan in all the land, you are wrong.

Let’s face it, burritos are better than people.

You’re pretty confident you could eat any size burrito

MftnBAb Source: Imgur


They’re all you’re interested in

OHq7zm1 Source: Imgur

yjIcOd5 Source: Imgur

* Swipes right*

When you have a child, it will most likely be a burrito

rNYwB0f Source: Imgur


79zqT6E Source: Imgur

Because you’re basically married to burritos

55a438fd1b00004d112800e8 Source: Kristina Bakrevski Photography

And things can get saucy

Chihuahua Mexican Grill-Hot sauce Library (2) Source: #FoodTograpiya | PauLRivera Photography

Just don’t make this mistake

You’d eat just about anything in a burrito

q0N7vbQ Sushi burrito Source: Imgur

yoyQVqd Fried chicken mashed potato macaroni burrito Source: Imgur

You can’t celebrate your birthday without including burritos

GoeIusW Source: Imgur

You even feed your tiny pets burritos

aa8uKrD Source: Imgur

You just wanna show them off to the world

rSDRdh4 Source: Imgur

Put them on your body

taco-bell-beefy-crunchy-burrito-tattoo Source: Zap2it

This upsets you

Who would do that to a ‘rito?

900rI Source: Imgur

You only like people who can get you in touch with burritos

nW22Kg4 Source: Imgur

Don’t worry, you’ll get your happy ending

KFC are doing burritos now, here’s the verdict>

Guy has burrito posted to Mayo from Dublin, eats it>

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