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This 9-year-old girl's business plan was found by her Dad and it's adorable


IT MIGHT NOT be Dragon’s Den, but this girl has an impressive and adorable business plan lined up anyway.

Found by her Dad, nine-year-old Rylee has grand plans for her dog-walking “buisness” – and has set it out with step-by-step accuracy:

businessplan Source: Imgur

Her Dad uploaded the business plan to Imgur when he came across it earlier this afternoon and it’s already taken off with over 300,000 views in just two hours.

Simply titled “Found in my 9 y.o.’s backpack. Solid business model” Rylee’s plan is thus:

  1. Ask for parents help
  2. Get them to say yes
  3. Find price for business
  4. Print papers with info
  5. Spread the word
  6. Walk dogs
  7. Success

Somebody fund it right NOW.

And “success” should always be written in that jazzy style. Kudos, Rylee.

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