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Ingenious new knife will solve all your hard butter problems

No more tears on toast.

THERE’S NO FEELING quite like it. Getting the butter from the fridge and it feels less like creamy dairy produce, and more like a cement brick ready to ruin your life.

aaaaa Source: Sandwich Machinery

Well, NO MORE. File this Kickstarter under ‘ingenious necessary inventions we wonder why no one had invented up until now’, or just ‘cool stuff’, if that won’t fit.

Sacha Pantschenko, Norman Oliberia, and Craig Andrews promise ‘No more tears on toast!’ with their new Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp.

4299e486ffc90d8352c9f822dd08f9e6_large Source: The ButterUp knife

Their knife promises to turn that icy block of solid frustration into smooth, soft, spreadable goodness. The knife comes with a “built-in grater to aerate and soften butter making it easy to spread”.

There are no sharp edges and you’ll even use less butter than usual. Are there ANY downsides?

0d5cb4201e236767425f353ea452ec24_large Source: Butterup Knife

The Australian-based project currently has 2,938 backers and have raised €54,944 of their €26,466 goal.

If you pledge €15 you can have one in time for Christmas, including shipping.


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