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This Instagram account is collecting the absolute worst men on Tinder


BYE FELIPE IS a new Instagram account that collects the most terrible men on Tinder, and other dating sites.

Source: byefelipe

It was set up by Alexandra Tweten just three weeks ago, but already has more than 75,000 followers.

Source: byefelipe

Treten said her aim is to “compile harassing and hostile messages men send to women after being rejected or ignored”. She wrote in a post on Ms magazine’s blog:

Since creating Bye Felipe, it has become apparent that a standard trajectory of discourse with men online is this: Man hits on woman, woman rejects or ignores him, man lashes out with insults or even threats.

Source: byefelipe

Treten wrote that she “uses humour to take away some of the power these insults may carry”.

Source: byefelipe

She has also turned ‘Bye Felipe’ into part of the lexicon, for use – according to Urban Dictionary – when “a male says he’s leaving and you could really give two shits that they are”.

It seems to be working:

Source: byefelipe

Bye Felipe is on Instagram here.

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