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6 things in life that chocolate will always improve

It makes everything better.

THERE ARE VERY few things in life that chocolate cannot improve.

Having a good day? Well, having a bar of chocolate can only up the joy levels. And, on the other hand, if you happen to be having a bad day, chocolate is always on hand to cheer you up.

Here are the things in life that chocolate ramps up a notch.

1. An apology

If you have to eat your words, things will go better if the wronged party gets to eat some chocolate while you grovel. No apology is complete without a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates and a hang-dog expression. If sorry seems to be the hardest word to say, say it with a mouthful of chocolate at least.

Source: shrek.wikia.com

2. Milk

Milk is good. Chocolate is good. It stands to reason that chocolate milk is GREAT.

Some HD Milk on Chocolate action - Imgur A true meeting of minds Source: Imgur

3. Chili con carne

If you like spicy things like cayenne pepper or red chillies, try adding a bit of chocolate to your cooking while you’re at it. The kick and sweetness combine to make the perfect heat in your meal. Chocolate also improves meat, as is evidenced by the Mexican sauce mole made from vegetables and a bit of chocolate. Delicious.

Source: Flickr/JaBB

4. Cinema popcorn

Cinema popcorn is a massive treat as it is. But you can take things to the max by dumping a load of chocolate into that bucket – extra, super bonus points if the popcorn is warm and the chocolate melts. It’s a surprise in every handful. But don’t be a popcorn-hogger, everyone hates a popcorn-hogger.

Source: Tumblr

5. Bacon

There are very few things in this world that haven’t been added to bacon to make a taste party in your mouth. Whiskey, relish, ice cream… You name it, bacon has been its bedfollow. But chocolate-dipped bacon is a special thing. It basically screams self-indulgence. (Although maybe that’s your arteries screaming, come to think of it. Maybe less bacon for you, eh?)

Source: Imgur

6. And finally…

Your mood. Yep, chocolate is proven to release endorphins that make you happy. So there’s an iron-clad, ready-made excuse any time you feel like a bar of Dairy Milk. Thank us later.

Source: uplifd.com

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