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What does your chocolate bar choice say about you?

A lot can be revealed by your choice of chocolate bar. Trust us.

THE CHOCOLATE BAR you reach for in the shop every day can reveal some truly illuminating, incisive insights into your personality.

Forget the therapist’s chair – all we need is one single glance at your preferred chocolate and we’ll have the measure of you.

(Oh, okay then, maybe not. But it sure beats reading your horoscope!)

1. The sensible one

Choose the: Fruit & Nut.

You like the indulgence of a bar of chocolate with your lunch, but let’s not go crazy here. Fruit is good stuff, and nuts are healthy – or so you’ve heard. Fruit & Nut is the choice for the person who brings a change of shoes with them, the person who always remembers to buy the bin tags, the person who has never left the immersion on in their life – in other words, the all-round sensible Sally.

Source: blogspot.com

2. The “notions”

Choose the: Golden Crisp.

Golden honeycomb granules? This person probably also eats fancy kettle crisps and orders lattes instead of cups of tea. You’ve got ideas above your station sometimes, but you know how to live. We salute you, Golden Crisp.

notions The Golden Crisp is in this queue

3. The Mammy

Choose the: Tiffin.

Comforting, dependable, safe. The biscuit pieces and raisins are just like getting a much-needed hug off your dear old mam. As reliable as a hot water bottle on a winter’s night.

Source: irishcentral

4. The adventurer

Choose the: Mint Crisp.

Mint, honeycomb and chocolate – the final frontier. Someone who likes things a bit different, a bit off kilter, a bit unusual will pick this up. “Mint Crisp, you say?” they’ll mumur in the shop, eyeing it up. “Challenge accepted.”

bird Mint Crisp bird doesn't accept your authority Source: mamamia.com

5. The contrarian

Choose the: Turkish.

If you love to play devil’s advocate and regularly say things just to see people’s reactions, then you’re Turkish Delight all over. Turkish can split a room 50/50 before you can say “Blur or Oasis?” Admit it. This person delights not only in Turkish, but in getting a rise from the shopkeeper.

Source: Timothy Lubcke/60pages

6. The no nonsense

Choose the: Whole Nut.

Strong choice. Means business. Straight in. No messing. Belt up.

Source: Suzan/Suzan/EMPICS Entertainment

7. The treat yo’self

Choose the: Caramello.

Super deluxe for the person who lingers over the pleasures in life and sees no harm in complete, blissful self-indulgence. Runny caramel and chocolate. Sure, you’d almost buy two, wouldn’t you? Of course you would, sure you have yourself spoiled.

Source: jimmyjames510

8. The self-assured traditionalist

Choose the: Dairy Milk.

This person is perfectly at ease with themselves. Sure, they know the other options are they. And yes, sometimes they’ll vary off the beaten track. But they also know that the beaten track is beaten for a reason, and that a Dairy Milk with a warm cup of something comforting can rarely be knocked.

Source: Tumblr

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Which bar do you choose and what do you think it says about you? Let us know in the comments.

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