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14 people who are worse at baking cakes than you

Close enough.

STEP FORWARD, THE creators of…

1. The ‘I Don’t Think These Spanx Are On Right’ Tardis

Source: Imgur

2. The ‘Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death’ Chocolate-Cake-in-a-Mug

Source: Imgur

3. The ‘Dammit Helen, I SAID we should have bought gingerbread insurance’ Gingerbread House

Source: Imgur


Source: Imgur

5. The ‘Water Retention’ Horse Cookie

Source: Imgur

6. The ‘HNNNNNgggggghhhhhh’ Hedgehog Cake

Source: Imgur

7. The ‘Please… Kill Me…’ Minion Cake

Source: Failsofpinterest

8. The ‘Empire Strikes Batter’ Star Wars Pancake


Source: Imgur

9. The ‘Rainbow Stomach Upset’ Nyan Cat Cake

Source: Moddb

Source: Imgur

10. The ‘Twelve-Week Scan, And Features Are Beginning To Develop’ Spongebob Cake

Source: Imgur

11. And the ‘Good Effort’ Spongebob Cake

Source: Imgur



Source: Imgur

13. The ‘Post-Bathtime Nightmare’ Ducky Cakes

Source: BlogSpot

14. And Justin Bieber.

Source: dontpkethebear

Happy baking!

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