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15 bakers who should just be banned from making cakes

Logic? None of that nonsense here.

SERIOUSLY GUYS, YOU need to get out of the baking business.

1. This baker, who doesn’t have a filter


2. This guy, who needs to learn the difference between caps and cats

putacatonit-cake Source: Four

3. Will common sense prevail? NOT TODAY

cake_wreck3 Source: Inspirefusion

4. Keep your options open Keith!

cake-fail Source: Dailypicksandflicks

5. It was never going to end well for anyone involved

cake-fails14 Source: Cake Wreck

6. Well, that looks just as good

desktop-1406688664 Source: Viralnova

7. Someone is not used to gratitude

10710906-16621003-thumbnail Source: Cake Wrecks

8. Well we all know you like Susan better so

aff44ab2e8a16610bb17f4e4a5881845_650x Source: Distractify

9. It WOULD have been so cool

84e8ecb0175f21a45052a86af4dc7135_650x Source: Cake Wrecks

10. The illustration would have done fine, thanks

DSCN5738 Source: Photobucket

11. Literal, taken to the limit

cake-fail-last Source: Themaritimesite

12. Don’t be getting a big head now

e08bca861ed8c2f8d2f3c51d6c47db34_650x Source: Cake Wrecks

13. Hey, it COULD have been a fabulous baby wearing a pink outfit they were greeting

3de4cd0530ce6b5e1112fba8ce9c296c_650x Source: Distractify

14. Sigh

desktop-1406688663 Source: Viralnova

15. Exactly how every man would phrase his proposal

6d56a71cb4e81e3c9fa1cc316d13a24bfbd8dcdb Source: Oola

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