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This guy called in sick to a place he didn't work and the result was excellent

Bad call.

CALLING IN SICK to work is a bit of a pain.


But what if you just called in someplace you don’t even work? What have you to lose, really. Yotuber CanadianChestHair phoned up a random shop and attempted to call in sick.

Source: CanadianChestHair/YouTube

He started off by saying he wanted to take a sick day to go fishing.

This is Jordan, I just started there last week and it’s nice, some of the boys are going out fishing so I’m not gonna make it in for my shift, can I take a sick day or something?

The assistant manager, Sylvia, didn’t even question if he actually worked there or not:

I’m gonna tell you right now it’s gonna be an unapproved absence. You’re too new for a sick day.
I’m not sick I just need a day off to go fishing it’s too nice.
It’s not a good legitimate reason to miss a day of work so it’s gonna be an unapproved day of absence.
Ok well I just wanna go fishing with my buddies.

He then finds out this is the woman that’s actually his manager in electronics, where he definitely has just started to believe he works.

Busted dude…

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