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Can you make it through this post without sniggering?

Or will your filthy mind dive into the gutter?

IS YOUR MIND a pure and innocent temple, or a veritable sewer of filth?

Test yourself with this simple metric: can you make it through this post without sniggering?

First, look at this specialist book about quilting

Source: Imageshack

Then cast your eye over this perfectly innocent photo of a barbecue

Source: Perfectlytimedphotos

Have a gander at these probably-delicious snacks

Source: Izismile

And this man simply purchasing a refreshing soft drink

Source: Perfectlytimedphotos

How about this weather forecaster plotting the path of a major storm, eh? What a pro.

Source: YouTube

Are you delighted for this happy couple? We are.

Source: Imgur

How are you getting on? Maybe have a think about this very important government commission.

Source: Twitter

Then examine this interesting example of topiary work

Source: Izismile

Enjoy this cheerful photo of ladies just being good friends

Source: Cheezburger

Consider this healthy menu option

Source: Izismile

Skip over this photo of an attractively gnarled tree, in which nothing particular is going on

Source: Imgur

Enjoy this spiral staircase, pointing upwards to heaven

Source: Imgur

Admire these two cheerful young cyclists

Source: Nerdnirvana

And finally, be understanding about this terrible task.

Source: Westword.com

 Well? How did you get on?

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