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16 snacks we need you to send back from Canada

Every flavour of Ruffles, please. Now.


ANYONE WHO HAS made the journey out to Canada is now sampling some of the country’s finest and tastiest snacks – and we’re all extremely jealous.

Why? Well, Canada has some ridiculously delicious snacks we just can’t get here.

So, we’ll be expecting a care package soon featuring these epic treats:

1. Ruffles

j367 Grocerymarket Grocerymarket

Canada’s premiere ridged crisps are as tasty as they are addictive.

Their All Dressed and Sour Cream & Onion flavours might be Ruffles’ high point – but it’s the Regular flavour that keeps you coming back for more. It’s like a combination of ready salted and something completely unknown that makes them so perfectly tasty.

And like that, a full bag is gone. We need them here.

2. Lay’s Ketchup Crisps

Ketchup-LAys- Mixedmunch Mixedmunch

We’ve never seen the likes here in Ireland – the ketchup crisp flavour is an unknown quantity on these shores and so very Canadian.

It doesn’t really taste like tomato ketchup, but somehow captures its essence. Would it take off here? Doubtful. But a few bags would do no harm.

3. Mr Big

cadbury-mr.big-60g-24ct-13.59 Dworkins Dworkins

The biggest chocolate bar you’ll find in the shop. The Mr Big Wikipedia page sums up its charms better than any one person ever could:

It is essentially a giant Snickers but with wafers instead of nougat.

And it’s delicious.

4. Miss Vickie’s

miss-vickies-sea-salt-vinegar Onespotallergy Onespotallergy

The strongest flavoured crisps you can find. The Sea Salt & Vinegar would burn the tongue off you, and then you’d rustle back into the bag for more with no regrets.

5. Timbits

Tim_Hortons_Timbits Wikimedia Wikimedia

These are a national institution in Canada and loved across the land. There are some limited Tim Horton’s offerings in petrol stations around Ireland, but do they match up to the real thing?

Added to Timbits: Tim Hortons’ famous maple doughnut.

6. Coffee Crisp

food_coffeecrisp Wordpress Wordpress

Alternating between coffee flavoured softness and vanilla wafer, these bars are so Canadian they are barely available outside the country. But this needs to change – and Ireland would be a good place to start.

7. Oh Henry!

1075788_Enlarged_1 Walmart Walmart

A chocolate bar containing caramel, peanuts and fudge - Oh Henry! are so good. The delightful exclamation mark is always good for a chuckle when you spot them in store. You rarely find such enthusiasm in Irish chocolate.

8. Chips Ahoy!

dfd-911_1z Q-assets Q-assets

You might even have spotted these around Ireland from time to time – and the Dairy Milk with Chips Ahoy! are everywhere. But the original chocolate chip cookies are brilliantly decadent.

Another exclamation mark, too. Chips Ahoy!

9. Mounds

mounds-bar Mshcdn Mshcdn

Not dissimilar to our very own Bounty, Mounds differ because they have dark chocolate around the outside. The contrast of the coconut and the dark chocolate is sumptuous.

Want. Need.

10. Hickory Sticks

Hickory-Sticks Cottagelife Cottagelife

The unique crisp/chip creation is quintessentially Canadian. Delicious.

11. Wunderbar

57819 Valuevalet Valuevalet

Sure, the peanut butter in chocolate phenomenon is well and truly here, but it didn’t bring with it one of its finest exponents – Wunderbar.

12. The Pop Shoppe

Pop-Shoppe Portlandfruitwest Portlandfruitwest

Some might know this drink well from the Smoke’s Poutinerie chain – but it’s delicious outside of any poutine delights as well. We need flavours like these and retro cool bottles for our drinks in Ireland.

13. All the flavours of President’s Choice crisps

3667390564_5c31bb451e_b Flickr Flickr

So many ridiculous flavours, so little time.

Buffalo Wings & Blue Cheese? Sure, why not.

14. Caramilk

caramilk3 Twitter Twitter

You’d think a chocolate bar filled with caramel would taste the exact same as our own Cadbury’s Caramel bar but you’d be wrong.

15. Nanimo Bars

dsc_07471 PayThePiper Wordpress PayThePiper Wordpress

These can be found in any homemade bakery and coffee shop across the country. They’re easy to make and absolutely delicious. They might not hold up too well to the journey home, but still, we need them in our lives.

16. Old Dutch crisps

chips Lucylcellucci Lucylcellucci

The brand of crisps with the most eye-catching design of all – and the crisps aren’t too bad either. They even have Ruffles-esque All Dressed flavour that’s unique to Canada and Ketchup in there as well.

Please, send them all.

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