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14 essential facts of life for people who can't drive

You live it every day.

YOU’VE BEEN MEANING to get around to it for ages, but you still haven’t got your driving licence sorted.

This presents many, many issues for you in your daily life which looks something like this:

1. You have an intricate knowledge of bus and train timetables

BUSES-BusEireann-Portumna-Birr-Tullamore-Edenderry-Dublin Tullamorelife Tullamorelife

You know when the last bus is leaving, from where and how long it will take. You’re the public transport super computer.

2. In fact, every journey you make can be mapped out using public transport in your head

mind How your brain works. Google Maps Google Maps

You can calculate how you’re getting from A to B to C without the need for outside assistance.

It’s your sixth sense.

3. You’ve sent one too many begging texts asking for a lift


Because lifts > the bus every time.

You know the perfect tone for the text as well, depending on who is giving the lift.

4. People will ask when you’re taking your driving test on a regular basis

tumblr_nhtck1jTKr1qd5hy5o1_540 Tumblr Tumblr

You’ve done the whole driving in a field thing, but you haven’t progressed to the more formal examination.

But you love the weekly interrogation.

5. You look upon those that drive with a sense of awe

In the passenger seat like:

tumblr_lqrdi8HiVY1qht847 Tumblr Tumblr

6. When someone makes plans somewhere far away, it’s a logistical nightmare for you

mayobeach Just the casual 10 hours. Google Maps Google Maps

“Oh, a birthday party on a beach in Mayo you say? Sounds class.”

*sends “anyone driving down?” message to 16 friends*

7. You always suggest to meet up somewhere directly on public transport lines

Connolly Station - Inside A Dart Carriage infomatique infomatique

If the place is beside the bus stop, it automatically improves its craic by about 50% (for you, at least).

8. You have Bus Eireann etiquette down

Busaras infomatique infomatique

Where to queue in Busáras, where to sit on the bus to avoid all contact with other passengers – you’ve learned all the dirty tricks to make the best of a bad situation.

9. And you know your way around a train too


Where to stand on the platform that will give you the best chance of easy access is a pro move that you’ve perfected at this stage.

10. Public transport is always a unique experience

buseireann Twitter Twitter

Anyone who travels the country on public transport will have many an anecdote to entertain and enthral you.

11. You will constantly run into people from school when travelling home

awkward-gif Thejournal Thejournal

Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been out of the place – one public transport trip home will bring forth more nostalgic school memories than you thought existed. They will also sit next to you for the whole journey.

12. “I’m going to do the theory test later this year”

Has been your mantra for as long as you can remember.

testtheory latecancellation latecancellation

13. Walking and cycling will always be there for you

3033640-inline-wheelie Fastcompany Fastcompany

It’s nice to know one mode of transport that won’t let you down or be delayed. A rare thing in this non-driving world you live in.

14. The concept of owning a car seems like a lifetime away

giphy Giphy Giphy

You’re living the no-car life now, and you’re sticking with it.

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