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Cards Against Humanity released a 'For Her' version - which is the exact same as the original but more expensive

Satire for a good cause.

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ANYONE WHO HAS played Cards Against Humanity knows exactly what they’re going to get – as the tagline aptly describes it as the “party game for horrible people”.

And their PR stunts reflect that – like their annual parody of Black Friday hysteria, which in 2015 saw them offer users the chance to buy “nothing” for $5.

Yesterday, they released a new product into the stable, and this time the target of their ire is the Pink Tax - the extra amount women are charged for certain products or services.

Introducing Cards Against Humanity For Her

forher Source: CAH For Her

The website explains why they have introduced a specific brand for women:

Everyone hates it when the men retire to the parlor to discuss the economy and the various issues of the day. What are us ladies supposed to do?
Now there’s an answer. Cards Against Humanity for Her. It’s exactly the same as the original Cards Against Humanity game, but the box is pink and it costs $5 more.

So for $30 instead of the regular $25, you can get the exact same game – except it’s pink

forher2 Source: CAH For Her

And the website branding backs up the parody so well

forher3 Source: CAH For Her

Often, Cards Against Humanity stunts have no endgame beyond highlighting an issue for satire purposes – but this time they have teamed up with a US political organistion called EMILY’s List, which is dedicated to promoting women into elected office. Its mission statement reads:

Seeking to put women into office who can make significant contributions to education, health care, voting rights, and economic equality, we have systematically defined a strategic approach to winning elections that drive progressive change.

Right at the bottom of the new Cards Against Humanity website – after the brilliant FAQ section – the small print simply says:

Profits from Cards Against Humanity for Her donated to EMILY’s List.

And so Cards Against Humanity For Her is being hailed as “the only acceptable use of the pink tax”

It’s not just a funny creation made for laughs, it delivers on a wider issue too

evrything Source: @kaypaypay

The press release issued by CAH is just as cutting:

“Cards Against Humanity for Her makes me feel like my type of beautiful,” said writer Lisa Beasley. “I can’t wait to share this game with my girls. As a black woman who makes 63 cents on the dollar, I would dip into my savings to get this game.”

People can’t get enough of this… empowering new product

painsme Source: @tanyasic

And EMILY’s List have been tweeting their own customised wishlist for the cards

Well played, Cards Against Humanity

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