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This Carlow bride wanted an elegant stately home on Don't Tell The Bride but got 'gangster Peaky Blinders' instead


THIS NEW SEASON of Don’t Tell The Bride has given us some standout moments over the last few weeks – from weddings in IKEA to the groom dyeing the bride’s dress blue.

And last night it all came to an end with the series finale.

Colm and Jane from Carlow were up, and her dream is to get married in her local church and have a wedding reception in an elegant stately home

peaky1 Source: RTE

Let’s see how this goes.

Colm took his groomsmen to the racecourse to reveal his plans for the big day:

A 1920s gangster-themed wedding like Peaky Blinders. He loves the clothes, the dancing, the style and the haircuts of that era

peaky2 Source: RTE

Wayne and Damien weren’t buying the idea at all at all

Away from Colm, they were even less enthusiastic:

Peaky Blinders for a wedding? Naw, for a fancy dress party or a Halloween party or something maybe like. But not for a wedding.

While the lads were talking about cigars, casinos and guns it cut to Jane:

“It should be pretty. Really pretty.”

peaky3 Source: RTE

*thinking face*

And in true cruel DTTB form, she was shown around a grand stately home all done up for a wedding

peaky4 Source: RTE


Colm was scouting around… Reddy’s bar

peaky5 Source: RTE

Price was a sticking point for a three course meal for 100 people. Colm’s solution?

I’d rather walk into McDonald’s with €100 than pay that.

Eurosaver menu it is.

He decided against the local pub – and went with Gowran race track in Kilkenny instead.

The hen involved Jane clearing out some horse shite in stables too – so it was perhaps a hint at the eventual location

peaky7 Source: RTE

The wedding was in the church, so he got the first half spot on.

On the way to the reception itself, the country roads and big car had Jane’s hopes raised that the stately home might actually be a reality

Once they got out though:

“So, it’s clearly a horse betting… place”

peaky6 Source: RTE

There was a DIY casino inside

peaky8 Source: RTE

And on the big reveal, Jane actually loved it

peaky9 Source: RTE

The place looked class

peaky10 Source: RTE

People were enjoying the Peaky Blinders look at home

And Colm and Jane too

By Don’t Tell The Bride’s dramatic standards, we’re counting this one as a massive success

Jane’s final thoughts?

“It’s a long way from the manor house I was looking at… I didn’t think I’d be having the afters of my wedding at a racecourse, but it’s a good looking racecourse”

peaky11 Source: RTE

It was a long shot, but it just about paid off for Colm in the end.

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