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Carlsberg has launched a line of men's beauty products - no, really

Oh brother.

Carlsberg_Beer Beauty_Mood Source: Carlsberg

CARLSBERG IS ONE of the most popular lagers in the world.

And now, seeking to capitalise on its popularity, it has taken the next logical step and entered the male grooming market.

Because why the hell not?

Carlsberg Beer Beauty is a line of beauty products aimed squarely at men made with — you guessed it — beer.

Carlsberg_Beer Beauty_Series Source: Carlsberg

Each set contains body lotion, shampoo and conditioner, and each bottle contains half a litre of freeze-dried lager. (Don’t know about you, but we think that sounds like just enough to smell like someone spilled a pint on you.)

So, what’s the rationale behind the line?

A survey conducted by Carlsberg found that 65% of UK men are daily groomers and found that 67% of UK men who drink Carlsberg would buy grooming products made from beer.

See, it’d be silly not to make a beer beauty line.

Men do care about looking good, but they often seem to lack alternatives to the more female-friendly beauty options available. And what better way to give them just that, than to introduce a grooming series made from beer?

What better way, indeed.

Carlsberg also notes that barley, hops and yeast are all rich in vitamin B and sicilium, which are said to be good for your hair and skin.

The set retails for €63.84 — a significant sum to pay to smell like beer, but hey.

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