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Carlton from Fresh Prince is married!... 7 reasons why he's the ideal man
Don’t pretend you’re not heartbroken, ladies.

Image: YouTube

SORRY, LADIES. THE rumours are true. Carlton Banks from Fresh Prince of Bel Air – aka Alfonso Ribeiro - is married.

Everybody’s favourite sibling broke the bad news yesterday morning…

… and around the globe, thousands of female hearts snapped in two like fragile sugar flowers.

Here at the Daily Edge, we feel your pain. So here’s why Carlton Banks is the ideal man:

1. He has great fashion sense

There’s the incredible jumpers, of course…

…but he’s equally comfortable in an excellent shirt…

… or even a dressing gown:

Images via YouTube

2. He’s not afraid to express his emotions

YouTube/Ammaar Reshi

3. He’s a great dancer


4. And a bit of a bad boy


5. But he also knows how to admit when he’s wrong

YouTube/Lasse Eriksen

6. He has loads of celebrity friends

Including Dennis Hasselhoff and Mr Belding!


7. But here’s a warning…

If you make it rain, he will do this:


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