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# Cartoon

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# Peppa Pig
Children’s TV show Peppa Pig introduces its first lesbian couple
Elsewhere, Thomas & Friends will introduce its first autistic character, who has been created in collaboration with autistic writers and organisations.
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# Sweden
Threatened Swedish Mohammed cartoon artist and two police officers killed in road accident
The accident reportedly involved a truck colliding with a civilian police car.
# Women in Politics
'A deeply sexist trope': Criticism of newspaper witch cartoon of Mary Lou McDonald
The National Women’s Council of Ireland has said such depictions deter women from entering politics.
# Your Say
Poll: Should there be a ban on using cartoon characters to promote unhealthy food?
A group of MPs in the UK are suggesting the measure be taken.
# Explorers on the moon
A page from a Tintin comic could fetch €1 million at auction
It’s a rare piece of comic book history.
# donald's oath
People have started resharing this New Yorker cartoon about Trump's inauguration
Because it’s real now.
# Amatrice
Italian village to sue Charlie Hebdo over "tactless" earthquake cartoons
A series of cartoons depicting Italians crushed under plates of pasta appeared in the French satirical weekly following last month’s earthquake which killed nearly 300 people.
# are ya ready kids
A lad from Mayo found his childhood diary dedicated to Spongebob, and it's brilliant
“I wish I was yellow like you and have holes in my body like you.”
# twisted doodles
This cartoon perfectly sums up how the weather affects Ireland's national mood
“Should I wear a jacket or not?!”
# future's bright
This startup founded by Irish guys is about to be HUGE... and they found a pretty unique way to tell people
Intercom, the “Whatsapp of customer service”, have announced a huge funding and jobs coup… with a cartoon.
# Arizona
Bikers armed with assault rifles tried to hold a "Mohammed cartoon contest" outside a mosque
The protest was tense, but peaceful.
# Charlie Hebdo
'Any cartoon can offend': Artist behind viral Charlie Hebdo response on the power of pictures
Michael Shaw on how cartooning has changed in the social media age.
# political correctness
Thousands are sharing this New Yorker cartoon after the Charlie Hebdo shootings
“Please enjoy this cartoon responsibly.”
# Mayo
Gardaí attempt to identify body found in car crash blaze
The incident occurred shortly before 1.30am last night.
# landlord hell
Renting accommodation in Dublin, accurately summed up in one cartoon
The struggle. So real.
# miaow miaow
From handbags to sex toys: Hello Kitty turns 40 this week
Konichiwa Kitty.
# Cartoon
Ronaldo, Rooney and Neymar take on a team of clones in Nike's cool animation
This could be the best World Cup 2014 ad yet.
# Belle of the Ball
Is this fancy dress flash-mob proposal completely cringe or really sweet?
We can’t decide.
The Danish government made this totally NSFW election video... and then axed it
Many viewers were offended by the promotional clip.
# martyn turner
'Regrettable editorial lapse': Irish Times apologises for controversial priest cartoon
The paper said that cartoonists Martyn Turner took a “unjustified side-swipe at all priests”.
# News Fix
Here's What Happened Today: Friday
Everyone’s talking about Jill Meagher, pubs being closed, and disaster at Mount Everest.
# martyn turner
Irish Times to explain why controversial cartoon was removed from website
Archbishop Diarmuid Martin had said last week that priests were “hurt” by the cartoon’s publication.
# Upset
Diarmuid Martin says priests feel hurt over yesterday's Irish Times cartoon
The Archbishop said he is a strong believer in freedom of speech and of the vital role of satire in social criticism.
# ay carumba
This model's transformation into Marge Simpson is the creepiest thing you'll see today
What did any of us do to deserve this?
# storytelling
Former Chelsea striker Didier Drogba's life story to be told in cartoon form
Some of the proceeds raised by ‘From Tito to Drogba’ will go towards financing health and education projects in Africa.
# The Simpsons
Voice of Simpsons' schoolteacher Edna Krabappel dies
Marcia Wallace did the voice of Edna Krabappel, Bart Simpson’s fourth-grade teacher.
# New Territory
So Jose Mourinho has his own cartoon now
The Chelsea coach is fully behind the show and spoke at its launch.
# heavenly way
The Smiths lyrics and Charlie Brown comics are the perfect couple
A 1986 poster inspired this flash of graphic genius.
# Little Pea
VIDEO: Manchester United striker stars in his own cartoon
Mexican striker Javier Hernandez takes on a group of Japanese gangsters in the new animation.
# rejoyce
Happy Bloomsday: 7 facts about James Joyce and Ulysses
(Includes one obligatory fact about the eighties cartoon Ulysses 31)
# Cartoon
God and Satan play Xbox while Tim Tebow rises from the dead in this ridiculous Taiwanese animation
They’ve done it again…
# Squirrel
SQUIRREL! The house from UP is now a reality
A group of builders and architects have faithfully recreated the cartoon house from the Disney movie, right down to the mural above the fireplace…talking dog not included.