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There have been previous replicas of the house, like this one at Cannes. Pictured are Charles Aznavour, French voice of Carl, and Tom Trouffier, French voice of Russell Ian West/PA Archive/Press Association Images

SQUIRREL! The house from UP is now a reality

A group of builders and architects have faithfully recreated the cartoon house from the Disney movie, right down to the mural above the fireplace…talking dog not included.

IF YOU, LIKE so many other people fell in love with the picture perfect house from the Disney film UP, you might think about splashing out $400,000 on an exact replica of the home, right down to the hand painted mailbox.

A group of architects in Utah in the US have faithfully reproduced the house – which was floated to Paradise Falls using balloons in the movie – inside and out, and it’s soon to be filled with replica furniture too, reports KSLTV.

Bangerter Homes thought of everything; the garden hose, the weather vane, and the Paradise Falls mural above the fireplace. It’s hoped that the house will function as somebody’s home, and in the meantime it will be open to visitors. The builders have also promised to put balloons over the house on the weekends for real authenticity.

It’s not the first time the Up house has been recreated. In March National Geographic launched a mock-up of the house using only balloons. Check out some amazing pictures of the feat here.