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The Danish government made this totally NSFW election video... and then axed it

Many viewers were offended by the promotional clip.

YOU KNOW HOW the European elections are coming up? You know how sometimes, after a long day, it’s kind of difficult to care about them?

Well, Denmark knows that too. So authorities there produced this bizarre promotional video to encourage young people to vote.

It features a musclebound hero called Voteman. When we first meet him, he’s in bed with five naked women of exaggerated proportions.

He devotes his life to making people vote. That includes interrupting them in the middle of their own sexual adventures.

And punching non-voters in the chops.

The video’s trio of nudity, violence and deeply sexist portrayals of women unsurprisingly left many viewers offended.

And the Danish government have now taken the video down. Members of parliament were quoted as saying it was produced without their knowledge, while speaker Mogens Lykketoft said the country’s politicians

should be more careful with what we put our name to.

If you’re interested in seeing the – totally bizarre – video, it’s here. Contains scenes that some viewers may find offensive.

Source: Hans Tolk/YouTube

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